31 Nov, 2019


Baking cookies can be frustrating and tiring at times because there is a lot to process and take care of. But don’t you worry, keep these 10 tips in mind to prevent it from spreading. Let’s go!

1. Chill the cookie dough

This step is required only if your dough feels sticky, wet or greasy. Chilling the dough in such a case, helps it from spreading. The colder the dough is the less it will spread. After chilling, let the dough rest for 10 minutes before rolling into balls and baking.

2. Line your baking sheet

Use your silicone baking mat or parchment paper. Do not coat the baking sheet with non-stick sprays or butter, it creates an unwanted creasy kind of a foundation which tends the cookies to spread. Silicone mats are recommended as their grip on to your cookie dough is strong, preventing it from spreading.

3. Cool the baking sheets

Never place cookie dough on hot baking sheets. Your baking sheets should always be in room temperature.

4. Tall doughs

Instead of rolling your cookie doughs into perfect round shape, roll them into tall ball like structures. They result in thick cookies.

5. Cool butter

When the butter is too warm, it becomes too soft making your cookies spread all over the baking sheets/mats. Room temperature butter is cool to touch, not warm. The temperature should be 65 F.

6. Measure correctly

Sometimes, cookies spread because there is a lot of fat present in them. To make sure the fat s balanced, measure your flour evenly because the flour holds the fat from spreading.