20 Sep, 2019


Making mousse is one of the dessert which has been fancied and also this is the easiest to bake, bringing all kinds of joy doing it. Besides being all this, it’s quite versatile as it goes with every occasion, hassle-free. It does have minimal ingredients and requires no baking but a lot many things can go wrong so here we are with tips to make the perfect mousse.

1. The consistency should be right

Getting the right consistency is very important and that depends on the kind of whipping cream you use. You don’t want it extra think or extra liquid. Therefore, use a good quality whipping cream because it is the soul of the whole item.

2. Grainy texture

If you feel that your mousse has become grainy that means you have over whipped the whipping cream. Follow the timings mentioned in the recipe carefully.

3. Chocolate for glazing

This is a basic learner’s rule. You shouldn’t cut the brownie when it is hot or warm. Wait for it to cool because if cut when hot, it will crumble into pieces and you wouldn’t want. You want whole square pieces.

FUN FACT – adding a little glucose to your glaze would give you classy glass-like finish.

4. Beating eggs

Again a basic rule but even if you are using a parchment sheet or butter paper, try greasing it first and then put the parchment sheet to be on the safe side.

EXTRA TIP – A combination of cooking chocolate and 70% cocoa chocolate reduces the sweetness of the mousse and gives it a richer chocolate flavour.