29 Aug, 2019

Snack of the Sweet Tooth

Are you still satisfying your desires for sugary treats with the small packed biscuits? That you bring in for the uninvited guests but end up eating by you at the very evening with a cup of tea or coffee.

Then why don’t you fill up your saccharine stock with some assorted cookies that we, Sin Bakes and More provide? We already have a cave full of variety where you will definitely find what you love.

We make and bake the perfect cookies that will compliment everything you have after coming back from a tiring day like,

Kaju Badam Cookie that has the goodness of almonds and crunchy cashew for a superlative nutty experience,

Coconut Cookie which is crunchy on the outside with a coconuty delightfulness on the inside,

Custard Cookie that will remind you of the custard that your mother makes for you at home!

A long list exists for the variety of cookies that we provide, that might become longer.You can come and explore us or even get it delivered at your place!