15 Aug, 2019

Honeyed Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan 2019 will be honeyed for your sisters and brothers. Because this year you will celebrating it with some delicious and sugary desserts like Blue Hawaiian Cake, White Vodka Balls, Cleopatra Gold Cake, Billion Dreams Cake and so on.

The names sound interesting right?

Then why don’t you discover it this year in Sin Bakes for your Brothers and Sisters. Then you will find out that they are heavenly and divine just like their names.

We provide special gift hampers for Rakhi –

  1. Combo of tea cakes, chocolates with a divine bottle of Fruit Champagne.
  2. Our Savoury Combo for your sibling.
  3. Combo of assorted Cookies, Chocolates and brownies.
  4. Dessert Jar combos.

We have a variety of combos that we bake, make and decorate just for you. You can even have it customised for your one of a kind sibling.

Lots of siblings, but few are special. Then customise something special just for them as an after Rakhi sugary gift. Connect with us and we will help you have an extraordinary Honeyed Rakshabandhan 2019.

They will be expecting some cash and maybe some gifts. But they won’t be expecting the sugary customised delight for Rakhi which you can provide with the help of SIN BAKES.

What happens when you do the unexpected?

I think you know,

In case you don’t,

Then try it!