13 Sep, 2019


Birthdays are important but what’s more important is the cake presented on the birthday. Whether you are a professional baker or just a home, kid’s favorite baker, these cakes are really easy to recreate.

There are some super trendy, off-beat birthday cake ideas that will get all the gushing from your guests. To know more, read more!

1. Rainbow Cake

As hard as it sounds, it’s surprisingly easier to make. It’s a 7 layer cake which after cutting the first slice looks so beautiful that everyone wants the first bite.

2. Photo Cake

Such personalized cakes have been topping everyone’s list right now. You can have a single picture or a collage made which adds a super cool element to your birthday party.

3. Funfetti Cake

Who would love a black and white cake? This Funfetti cake would add more colors to your birthday party with a taste of sprinklers and vanilla.

4. Nutella Mousse Cake

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love the taste of Nutella? Here’s a tempting, mouth-watering combination of Nutella and mousse into a cake making it Nutella Mousse cake.

5. Red Velvet Cake

Bored of chocolate and vanilla cakes? Wanting a twist? No issues, the best turn to take is by choosing a Red Velvet Cake for your birthday party. Most people hold the stigma that its color is what is different. But NO, my friend the taste is as well different.

6. Strawberry Shortcake

As much as you love pound cakes, you cannot deny the fact that this shortcake adds an element of class to your already extravagant birthday party with layers of vanilla cake and mounds of strawberry.

7. Coconut Raspberry Cake

Everyone wants a unique idea for their party so how about coconut raspberry cake? With the layer of coconut cream cheese and heaps of raspberry exploding into your mouth gets people food orgasms.

8. S’Mores Cake

Layers of chocolate cake are grinded with Graham Cracker biscuits with topping to be chocolate ganache which has marshmallows as garnish.