banana cake
10 Oct, 2019


Who loves a dry and a dense cake? Here we are with a solution to prevent your cake from becoming dry and dense. Just keep these in mind and bake as you would love. We are sure that you would love baking without worrying about the results. So here we go!

1. Use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour

The main difference between cake flour and all-purpose flour is that cake flour is low on protein and is milled into a superfine powder. This type of textured flour dilutes and comes as a super fluffy cake. But there are some types of cakes for which cake flour isn’t ideal like carrot cake and banana cake.

Cakes where fluffy textures are desirable like vanilla cake, white cake, red velvet cake, and other cakes using cake flour is advisable.

2. Add sour cream

To help prevent your cake from getting dry and dense, we can add two tablespoons of sour cream. A lot of recipes call for milk but often sour cream is ignored. In addition to milk, add two tablespoons of sour cream. Plain yogurt can be a substitute for sour cream.

3. Room Temperature Butter

This step is just so important that we say it on repeat. When the recipe says to use room temperature butter, it means that we have to use room temperature butter. Most cake recipes start by creaming butter and sugar together and as we all know that butter has the capacity to hold the air. During baking that air expands in itself and makes your cake fluffy. If the butter is not creamed properly because of its temperature so that means there will be no trapping of air and thus no fluffiness.

4. Add a pinch of Baking Powder/Baking Soda

When a cake is dense, usually people don’t consider adding an extra pinch of flour into their batter. But the cake actually gets a support when either of the two are used.

5. Don’t over-mix

When you over mic the cake batter, it produces much air than required. Then that trapped air collapses in the oven. Just mix the wet and the dry ingredients until they are combined well. And to make sure that there aren’t any large lumps, run a whisk or spatula a few time at the end.

6. Add oil

There should be a proportion between the wet and the dry ingredients in the batter. If the flour is more than the butter, it will result in a dense cake. Or if the butter is present more than the flour, the cake will taste wet. So the balance between both the types of ingredients is very important. If you feel that your cake is becoming dry, add a little bit of oil.