1 Sep, 2019

Fantasy Heroism

You are definitely a fan of two greatest movie productions, “Marvel & DC”. You also get excited when the new series of this production comes in your city waiting for you to barge in and watch it!

Sin Bakes & More will give the glimpse of your favourite super heroes. Be it Iron Man, Hulk, Superman, Wonder Women, Captain America, Aquaman and more, we can provide the best designer customised cakes of your favourite superheroes.

Avengers are the series of marvel only, but generally considered as a third entity as the fandom for these series can be seen by the worldwide box office records!

We at Sin Bakes understand your devotion and love for these particular movies. That is why we give a glimpse of your special love for any special occasion. If your friends or bosses are diehard fans of these movies then a sugary treat of their heroes will make them joyful. And when a person becomes extremely happy then you never know, “chances of promotion”, “coming in the good books of that person”, “the friendly relationship taken on to a next level”???

Anything can make a person move and these specially customised things can make it even more possible. Many also say that after the main course, desserts are served to make the person forget the salty dish and get lost in the heavenly sweet dish!

A layer on the top that will consist the favourite hero of their favourite movie with the flavour that will also depend on their favourites as we have a cave full of variety such as: Magnum Choco, Billion Dreams, Chocolate Truffle, Gulkand, Exotic Pineapple, Mocha Cream, Blueberry , White Forest and more.

You just have to contact us and give details. We will do the rest by making the cakes eggless or delivering them online.