12 Aug, 2019

Missing Sevai?

Of course you are, because it’s Bakreid. The entire delicious and mouth-watering Non-Veg main course has surrounded you.

But you are missing the desserts. The devilishly good chocolate truffle cakes that will give you sugar rush and sugar crush!

Mithais are so outdated; try gifting the pleasurable cakes and Gems Choco Chunky Cookies when you go to greet your friends and family. These jars and boxes won’t be kept in a pile on the side table in the kitchen just like all the mithai boxes pile up.

As soon as you enter the home and hand over your sugary gift, it will be distributed to all, from kids to adults.

All the taste of Non-Veg in your mouth will soon be given a rest. Something delightful and creamy will enter through your lips leaving the crumbs on it, after finishing what’s in the mouth your tongue will come out and have the taste of the delight again! The smell of biryani is unbeatable, but what next?

Your dessert will compliment all the dishes made on this Eid 2019.

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