19 Aug, 2019

Celebrate with Cake

Become sinful with us and get lost in the divine taste of the sugary treats we provide. The best designer and customized cakes that can fit in any occasions.

Whether its birthday, anniversary, or festival, we can make everyone say nom nom nom each time they take a bite of the sweet delight!

Cakes like: White Forest Cake, Chocolate Nut Crunch Cake, Blueberry Cake, Fresh Fruit Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Exotic Pineapple Cake and more!

If you are thinking how to please your moody girlfriend then just get a customized cake from Sin Bakes and More and she will forget all about the mood swings. We will put up her favorite fruit on the top, we will add some extra chocolate as she likes, we will also make it with dark chocolate as she might not have a sweet tooth , we will write 19 on the cake for her birthday that will look spooky as she migt not like chic?

Even if you are willing to satisfy and please your grandfather who hates chocolate cakes, but would love something Fruity, Simple and basic.

Yes, we will go by each specification provided by you!