09 Sep, 2019


It is said that a birthday party without a cake is just a meeting. There should be no percentage of compromise when it comes to birthday cakes. And when it comes to planning your special little girl’s cake, it has to be perfect from every extent.
Here are some super cool ideas for your little one’s cake –

1. Hidden Sweet Surprise Cake

Every girl loves surprises. No wonder this is the best style to get that broad smile on her face with this themed cake. The element of surprise would get all the cheering when the first slice is cut.

2. Ice-Cream Drip Cake

The saying, ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream comes in here!’ Whether your girl is grown up or still young, she cannot stop loving ice-cream making it the perfect choice for you to bake an ice-cream drip cake.

3. Character Cakes

Before you scroll down, worrying that these characters would be difficult to make. Let me tell you, be it Minnie or any other Disney cartoon character choose a small group of them and using fondant, we are ready with a show stealing cake.

4. Princess Doll Cake

As little girls we all have played with Barbie dolls and princesses and no wonder it would makes us happy to no extent. So here is princess doll themed cake which would get your princess a million dollar smile.

5. Cupcakes Birthday Aged Cake

Distributing the cake among all the party guests can get messy and here is the solution to your problem, a cupcake pull apart cake. It basically means to bake a certain number of cupcakes and put them in the shape of the number your girl’s turning this year.