16 Sep, 2019


There is a saying, ‘why should boys have all the fun’ but our boys are also quite particular about the kind things they want. Ever since personalized cakes have come into fashion, the traditional ones have goes into the bin. So let’s give you some ideas about the same. Keep reading to know more.

1. 2-Tier S’Mores Camping cake

You must have heard about a 2-Tier cake or S’Mores cake or a camping themed cake. But what about clubbing all three elements into one cake and having a 2-Tier S’Mores Camping Cake! Sounds fun, right? Try it out for your little boy’s birthday bash.

2. 3D Cakes

Everyone is fond of tier cakes but you know what they are fonder of is a 3D cake of their favorite car or their favorite character. This cake is surely getting that million dollar smile on your child’s face on his extra special day.

3. Lego Cake

Being boys, one has always played with Lego. That was their favorite time pass which makes this cake an extra special one to bake. And also, this one is the easiest of the lot.

4. Themed Cupcake Cake

We understand how much of a harassment it is to cut the cake into pieces and distribute them. So here we are with a solution to your problem with any animal, number or character themed cupcake cake. So basically you put a certain number of cupcakes into a specific shape of a number, character or animal and do the icing on top.

5. Themed icing cakes

Now not many of us are fond of fondant cakes. Many believe that it is not good for our child’s health and so we don’t want to go for themed cakes. But themed birthday cakes can be prepared with buttercream and whipped cream.

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